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The year of 1999 to regional municipality of stivos of th municipality of Apollonia,there was established the Cultural Association of Stivos.

The aims of this association are:

       The acquaintance and  the tightening of the relationships between its members and therefore help each other when needed.

       The supporting and the promotion of the spiritual financial and cultural development of its members and all the population of the municipal of Stivos.

       The study and the realization oft the problems that concern the society of Stivos with direct connection with the general problems of this place.

       The responsible placing towards these problem and the collective action for the promotion and  their right resolution with quittance the general interests of our village.

       The participation to the perseverance and the cultivation of tradition and art.

       The cultivation and the advancement of ideals of freedom peace and democracy necessary for the existence and the progress of the civilization.

       The active placing to especial importance matters such as peace and protection of the environment.

       The entertainment of the members and a basis of socializing only.


Incomes for the realization of the aims of the association are the various festivals such as: lectures and conversations projections and theatrical plays exhibitions and musical festivals excursions issuing brochures (newspapers magazines etc)the provision of scholarships to poor students members or inhabitants of the municipal region of Stivos the folklore elements relevant to the historical development and the life of the population of Stivos and generally every mean that the various members of the association will consider necessary for the service of its aims especially the collaboration  with the municipalities and other principals of the municipal region of Stivos with other associations as well as clubs and unions of the municipality.

The association is celebrating on the 23rd of April  every year during the celebration of Saint George protector Saint of Stivos.When the 23rd of April is a working day,the celebration is transferred to the following Sunday. 



Give special thanks to author: George Daglis


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